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Francisca T. Gunawan

Linda Uiharto


Intiland Tower, 20th Floor

Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 32

Jakarta 10220


Tel.: 62 21 579-56789

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Corporate Tax Advisory Services

We offer cost-effective tax advisory services to improve your tax efficiency and  would be happy to work with you to develop inspired solutions for any tax situations you are facing, including:

  • Local Tax Consultation

  • Cross Border Tax issues

  • Tax Review

  • Tax Audit/Verification

  • Tax Objection

  • Tax Appeal

  • Tax Refund

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Tax Planning

  • Confirmation Letter

  • Tax Due Diligence


Local Tax Consultation :

 We advice clients with our views and interpretations of tax rules and regulations

Cross Border Tax Issues :

 We will identify, assist and propose the best alternative of solutions on the Cross-Border issues

Tax Review :

We provide company tax reviews based on a diagnostic of client’s books and records. We will gather, identify, and advice if all tax rules and regulations have been complied with, and will give the best solutions to maximize tax savings.

Tax Audit/Verification :

We will gather, compile, review and submit all relevant documents, discuss with and represent client to tax auditors. We will analyze and give recommendation for any corrections made by the tax auditors. At the end, we will prepare the Response Letter and get the best result of the tax assessement letters issued

Tax Objection and Appeal :

The result of tax audits may not satisfy clients. We will assist, prepare, and file a letter of Objection and represent the client at the Tax Office. If the Objection is also not satisfy the client and if we think the client has a strong position, we would assist and represent the client to file a letter of Appeal to the Tax Court.

Tax Refund :

We would assist client is overpay on particular taxes. We will gather, compile, and prepare the necessary revision, and file the Refund Request, represent client at the Tax Office, and get the refund from the Government

Merger, Acquisition, and Corporate Restructuring :

We would advice client to get a maximum tax benefit on any single transaction or restructure the proposed scheme to get a maximum tax savings for the client

Tax Planning :

We would assist and give solutions on clients commercial transactions and give advices and get a maximum tax savings from tax perspective

Confirmation Letter :

We would assist and help client to get a written confirmation from the Directorate General of Taxes on a specific tax issues that are not clear for its tax treatment

Tax Due Diligence :

We would assist client to do a Tax Due Diligence in case of i.e. acquiring a Target Company, or for another purpose. We would analyze any tax exposures may arise and our report can be used as guidance for the Management to make any decisions. At the end, we would advice the best scheme to do the transaction